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June 2004 was the sixth month of that leap year. The month, which began on a Tuesday, ended on a Wednesday after 30 days.

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This is an archived version of Wikipedia's Current events Portal from June 2004.

  • A meteorite plunges into a family's living room in the Auckland, New Zealand, suburb of Ellerslie on Saturday afternoon. No one is hurt. Weighing 1.3 kilograms (2.9 pounds), it is the ninth ever meteorite to be found in the country, and the first to hit a home. (TVNZ) (Stuff) (Reuters)
  • In a Constitutional referendum in Ireland, the electorate approves a constitutional amendment denying Irish citizenship to all children born in Ireland unless one of the parents is an Irish citizen or the parents were legally resident for three years prior to the birth. This closes a perceived loophole where considerable numbers of women in the late stages of pregnancy were allegedly arriving in Ireland, since the parents of citizens were also allowed to remain in the country. (BBC)
  • Football (soccer): Greece upset favourites Portugal in the Euro 2004 tournament opening match, beating the Portuguese 2–1. (BBC)
  • Australia renames the town of Ballarat to "Chicken Catchatorie" for a day in a bid to cross promote the towns VFL finalist football team with their sponsor, Chicken Tonight.
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